"Original songs and a story to tell"

I've been a freelance writer, composer, musician and performer for many years and have picked up lots of stories and anecdotes on my travels. I've also met some amazing people along the way and these experiences have been the inspiration for all the songs I've written. Musical Pearls is a collection of stories, songs and images, mostly based on real-life experiences, with each story set against it's own individual musical background. I hope you find the stories interesting and enjoy browsing through them. I also hope you enjoy the music. It covers many genres and styles and is completely all my own original work. The music is not in the public domain and is unique to this website and, therefore, not available elsewhere on the internet. If an image, story or song touches your heart in any way, then I've achieved what I set out to do and my efforts haven't been in vain.


Please use the Contact page to send me any comments. I'd love to hear from you. Maybe you've got a story I could use? 


Thanks for visiting.


Steve Nielson