Boogie Woogie Piano Greats

Axel Zwingenberger

Axel Zwingenberger was born in Germany in 1955 and enjoyed eleven years of conventional piano training until he listened to recordings of boogie-woogie pianists Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, and Pete Johnson. He then joined piano playing partners Hans-Georg Moeller, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker, and word about the four friends began to spread. In 1974, he played at the First International Blues and Boogie Woogie Festival of the West German Radio Station in Cologne which was followed by Hans Maitner's annual festival Stars of Boogie Woogie in Vienna.


He soon received his first recording contract, issuing such solo recordings as Boogie Woogie Breakdown and also featured on recordings by Lionel Hampton, Jay McShann, Big Joe Turner, Champion Jack Dupree and many more. In addition to issuing other solo recordings, Axel continues to tour all over the world. He has also authored several publications about blues/boogie-woogie music and musicians.