Another Life

Do you ever feel like you're two people? The person everyone sees on the outside and the person you really are on the inside? You struggle each day with the complications of being the outside person and all the while you dream of being the person that's locked away. Why is the inside person trapped? Why is it only possible to be the outside person? The one you don't want to be. 


You wonder if you're going mad. Does everyone feel like this? Why are you forced to live a lie and never become who you really are? If only you could let the inside person out. Set them free. You'd then become that person and the other one would vanish. They couldn't exist. You wouldn't have to go on pretending like this. You could live another life.


Another dawn brings you another day

It's time to start pretending

You know there has to be another way

But this is never ending

And while you know it's just a lie

You feel so all alone and lost

Within the shadows

Of the people passing by


Another day becomes another night

And so you run for cover

But soon you wake up

With the morning light

And then it starts all over

You see a world that's gone too far

A world so cold and empty

Where you can be

Anyone but who you really are

You live a dream

You make believe

That you're the person that you seem

But all  the while inside you're screaming

For another life

You struggle through

You do the things

That everyone expects of you

Just hoping someday you can step into

Another life

Another Life Copyright (c) Steve Nielson

All Rights Reserved