Going Overboard

Having a large coastal area, the North East of England obviously has a great affinity with the sea. Ever since I was a child, I've had a romantic idea of smuggling and piracy which was mostly created by classic novels and Hollywood movies.


I've always thought that piracy was a thing of the past, but I've learned that it's still very much alive and pirates continue to roam the high seas. These modern day villains are far removed from their 'treasure burying' predecessors and are extremely well organised and highly sophisticated. However, most of their profits still come from smuggling, kidnap and ransom. 

They use high tech equipment such as computers, internet, GPS systems, satellite phones and night vision goggles to locate shipping routes and map out plans for hijacking vessels. This level of sophistication is expensive and each voyage is financed by teams of investors who take a large cut of the profits. Many are backed by unscrupulous governments or local communities who encourage piracy and use a percentage of the money on public projects like hospitals and schools. There is even a 'pirate stock exchange' that allows investors to contribute money for weapons and other equipment in return for a share of the ransom. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been paid out in ransoms over recent years. Of course, shipping companies have become more alert to this threat and have increased their security, but with such rich pickings, it seems it will be a long time before we have seen the last of pirates on the world's oceans.


You move my things out in the morning

That'll be fine

I'm going overboard tonight

You've got your way of doing things

I've got mine

I'm taking the easy way tonight


My hopes are lying in ribbons

My dreams have faded too

The poem has no rhythm or rhyme

And I'm too old to start anew

So I'll just take my chances

One more time

I'm going overboard tonight

You know I should'a known better

Not to stay

Sailing against the tide tonight

Looks like some stormy weather

On it's way

I need a safer port tonight


You know this ship is sinking

But you won't admit

The captain of your fate you're thinking

Should see it through and go down with it

But I'm not laying all of my last hopes

On the line

I'm going overboard tonight

Going Overboard Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved