Like A Fool

A fantastic evening at the Paris Cirque d'Hiver (Winter Circus) when Marius performed the most amazing mime to the song Like A Fool. Of course, true to the spirit of the tour, it wasn't filmed and remains as a set of indelible memories in the minds of those who witnessed it.


This is true art. A fleeting image of undeniable beauty that can never be replicated and, therefore, never spoiled through copying and misrepresentation. Like a sand sculpture that exists for a short time and disappears when the tide comes in.

I'd had relationships before but this one was different. It felt like I'd found a missing part of myself. We thought the same thoughts. We finished each other's sentences. I had confidence and purpose and knew exactly where I wanted to go. So all the more shocking to realise I'd been taken in and everyone knew. They'd deceived me and now they were laughing as if it couldn't happen to them. I was the last to know and they were still pretending. There are no lovers like a fool.


Marius is an unbelievably talented entertainer and has performed his spectacular "art of silence" in venues all over the world. As a child, he studied dance and mime under the great Marcel Marceau and has continued to add his own original psychological and dramatic elements to his art. He has appeared in many film, theatre and television productions as well as being featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. He has also written several books and teaches his methods in videos and in body language seminars and lectures.

Cirque d'Hiver

The Cirque d'Hiver building was opened in Paris in 1852 by Emperor Napoleon III. It has been the venue for thousands of events including exhibitions, circuses, theatre, film sets, fashion shows and musical concerts. Contained in a polygon of 20 sides, the circus is an oval ring with steeply banked seats like an indoor Colosseum. The facade was extensively restored recently to bring back the vibrancy of the original colours, lights and stained glass windows and now looks as impressive as the day it was first opened.

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