Must Be Right

Train hopping is a long-established tradition in the USA, but did you know it's popular in Britain? Although it's against the law, many people hitch free rides on freight trains today. Both men and women are involved. They come from all walks of life, from vagrants and immigrant workers to thrill-seeking middle class citizens. It can be quite an adventure considering freight lines pass through all of our counties and major cities. Unfortunately, a small number of people are killed every year trespassing on railways and jumping trains. People have been crushed by heavy loads. Some have been trapped in containers and died of thirst and starvation. Some have even frozen to death in winter months while travelling in sub-zero temperatures. 

However, there are many seasoned travellers who follow a code of ethics to find their way around the freight network and make their journey as safe as possible. Although the rail authorities dismiss the sentimental idea of train hopping as simply criminal and extremely dangerous, for some it is a really exciting and daring experience.




As the train pulls out the station right on time

There's a lonely stranger moving down the line

Dressed in my travelling clothes

Going where fortune goes

I'm searching for those precious dreams of mine

Well, I'll feel much better when I get to where I'm going

And I'll write you a letter when all my work is done

You won't believe your eyes

You're gonna realise

That I ain't what you call me a no good son of a gun

There's sadness in my laughing eyes

Madness in my scheming mind

Darkness in my morning skies

I've got to find the light and all the while there's

Something says I must go on

Something says my time will come

Something says I can't be wrong

So I guess I must be right

Must Be Right Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved