Shooting Star

Aren't you tired of all those mindless TV talent shows? They're completely stifling the music industry by making so called 'stars' out of misguided wannabes. It's supposed to be reality TV, but it's about as far from reality as you could get. The only people who make money from these shows are the producers, managers, presenters and advertisers. The contestants make nothing. The winners are forced to sign 360 degree contracts where their management take a huge percentage of EVERYTHING they do. Out of their cut, the artist also has to pay all the expenses of recording, performing, videos, musicians, transport, hotels and touring as well as all the hangers on like agents, publicists, etc. 

They are left owing far more than they earn and often end up bankrupt. But they do get all the glitz and glamour of being a so called celebrity. Unfortunately for them that only lasts until the next series of the show when a new star is born and the whole ridiculous circus starts again.


Fat man smokes a fat cigar

He's a big shot

Hey, son, you play a mean guitar

What a talent you got

When I heard you sing ding-a-ling-a

I thought, man, that's a real cool singer

Blue eyes and a baby face

You've got what it takes


Hey, kid, you know you could go far

To my advantage

Sign here and I'll make you a superstar

For the right percentage

All you do is sing ding-a-ling-a

Wrap the world round your little finger

You don't seem to realise

What a lucky boy you are

So come on shoot now

Shoot my shooting star


So you sign your name and the rhythm starts

You cut a record and it hits the charts

You make some friends and you break some hearts

But that's all in the game

You keep on climbing till you reach the top

But you go so far you can only drop

So you wake up tomorrow and you're a flop

And nobody knows your name


Fat man drives a big, fast car

He's made a fortune

Poor kid, he used to be a star

Now nobody wants him

Remember when he'd sing ding-a-ling-a

Had the world round his little finger

Didn't seem to realise you can only go so far

So come on shoot now

Shoot my shooting star

Shooting Star Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved