On The City Streets

Street prostitution is an evil trade and make no mistake, prostitutes are victims. They are forced to sell sexual services by their controllers or pimps. These guys are the real criminals. They manipulate their girls and coerce them into providing sexual acts through abuse, threats, forced dependence on drugs and physical violence. This often takes the form of repeated rapes by one or more people to create submission. They also restrict the victims movements and prevent communication with family and friends. 

Girls are expected to earn nightly quotas and this money is all confiscated by the pimp. This is big business and the chances of the real offenders being brought to justice are minimal. Pimps are well organised but much less visible and almost impossible for police to investigate. Individuals victimised by this sort of organised network will lie to police about the existence of a pimp and will present themselves as acting completely independently. Policing strategies are totally ineffective. They typically arrest prostitutes and not their clients. The prostitute will receive a heavy fine and then have to work even harder to meet their quotas and pay the fine. Add to this the fact that there are many corrupt officers taking bribes to turn a blind eye to street prostitution and it is indeed a very murky world for the real victims of this sordid crime.




"Yeah, that's right

Hey, you look nice

Standing on the street

Good enough to eat

You know I love you

You wanna please me don't you?

Wouldn't like to see me upset?

You do your best now

See you later, baby"


He leaves you standing by the street light

Dressed you up to make it look right

A painted smile upon your sad face

We've gotta leave this rat race

I can't just stand here watching you

When you're going wrong

You know I love you, baby

And this is crazy


Oh, no, there's gotta be another way

We can't put up with this another day

I can't let you breathe this atmosphere

Oh. no. I gotta get you outa here

You're slowly sinking under

It won't be long

There's only backstreet lovers

You've known no others


You've gotta keep your life together

So you sell yourself for pleasure

On the city streets

But it all means nothing

When the taste of loving

Is so bitter-sweet

I only wanna do what's right

I've got to get you out of this life


"Hey, who was that you were talking to?

Wouldn't be going behind my back, would you?

That would make me angry

And you know I'm bad

When I'm mad"

On The City Streets Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved