She's Not For You

Amy is rich. She inherited her late father's Northumberland estate, although she spends most of her time in London where she lives the privileged life of a modern day socialite. She has rich friends. She has rich connections. She has rich admirers. And she has a rich husband. She also follows an age old tradition that has fascinated many upper class ladies for centuries, from Marie Antoinette to Paris Hilton. She loves slumming it. Mixing with those poor and inferior mortals way below her high stature in society. It makes her feel good. She finds it exciting.

She likes to visit those low life clubs and bars patronised by people at the bottom of the socio-economic scale, It's entertaining. It's dangerous. It's an adventure. But that's all it is. Although she has had many lovers, she feels nothing for these people other than a morbid curiosity. At the end of the night she hurries home to the safety and opulence of her expensive penthouse apartment in Knightsbridge. Many of her young men have dared to believe that she actually cares something for them. My advice to anyone with such aspirations is 'Forget her'. She's not for you.


I used to think that they were trying to be cruel

And I'd lose my head

Trying to make me look like some kind of fool

Every time they said


She's not for you

You're from the wrong side of the track

Better walk right back

She moves too fast

She doesn't show it

But she's out of your class

And don't think she doesn't know it


She's not for you

Maybe she'll want you for a while

It makes her smile

To think she could break up your heart

If you let her

You'd be better off trying to forget her

And so I'd turn and put my back to the wall

And say "You just don't know"

"You don't care about my feelings at all"

And then they'd tell me so


She's not for you

She's only playing her little game

They're all the same

She likes to feel

Your attention upon her

She'll never need you

The way that you want her


Cos she's not for you

Just look at everything she's got

Everything you're not

Before she starts to set your world on fire

Just turn your head away

And walk right on by her

She's Not For You (c) 2012 Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved