Sounds Like Good Advice

Why do things seem to be getting more and more difficult? No matter which way you turn, there's always some awkward bastard standing in your way. Unfortunately, it just seems to be how it is today. Nothing ever goes smoothly and you're bound to come across a couple of nails as you slide down the banister of life. It can be very painful. So here's some advice for those moments when appealing to reason just doesn't seem to have any effect. When you next find yourself in one of those frustrating situations, try this approach. It might not be subtle, but it works every time. 

"Recorded in 1971 at an all night event at Newcastle University with a long list of bands on the bill including the Strawbs with Rick Wakeman, Argent, Blodwyn Pig and Man. This was a real tour de force because we opened the show early in the evening and also had another spot at about 4am. But it was such a great atmosphere and we were performing with some of the best bands around so it didn't feel like hard work." Musical Juice


Don’t like this modern way of living

Brings trouble every day

No matter which way that you turn now

Always someone getting in your way

The Taxman sent me a letter

Told me that I owed him a lot

How are you expected to do it

Paying what you haven’t got?

I asked my Financial Advisor

He said “Tell ‘im to f*** off!”

Sounds like good advice

No good trying to be nice

Woke up early this morning

Must have been half past four

Got up and looked out the window

Landlord hammering on my door

Shouting that he wanted his money

Rent’s way overdue

Turned to my woman in bed, now

Asked her “What we gonna do?”

She just yawned me an answer

She said “Tell ‘im to f*** off!”

Sounds like good advice

No good trying to be nice

The Landlord called in the Bailiff

And the Police are standing by

They’re gonna take all that I’ve got now

Gonna hang me out high and dry

Won’t seem to listen to reason

Won’t see my point of view

Thought I’d better ring up my Lawyer

Ask him what I ought to do

He said “If you want my opinion

You should tell ‘im to f*** off!”

Sounds like good advice

No good trying to be nice

Sounds Like Good Advice  Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved