Moochy Man

Remember when you were young and your mother would warn you that if you misbehaved then the bogeyman would get you? You didn't really believe he existed, but still you had your doubts so you didn't take any chances, just in case. It seems an odd coincidence that every culture has it's own variation of the bogeyman. Something evil hiding in a dark corner, waiting to catch you. But what if he does exist? You may not be a child anymore, but it doesn't mean he's gone away.


So who punishes the grown-ups when they misbehave? I'd like to introduce you to the Moochy Man. He also hides in the dark and he hates bad behaviour. But he doesn't steal children. He wants your heart and soul. Is he only make believe? Well, just like when you were young, whether you believe in him or not, you'd better be good. Just in case.

Moochy Man Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved