Tell Me That I'm Wrong

Sometimes I watch you and I see a faraway look in your eyes that scares me. I can't tell what you're thinking. Is there somewhere else you'd rather be? I don't understand anymore. I remember how close we once were, but now there's a distance between us. We don't talk like we used to. We don't laugh. Am I making you unhappy? I hold your hand and it feels cold. Is it all in my imagination? I don't want to believe I'm losing you. Please say it isn't true. Tell me that I'm wrong.



I don't know that look in your eyes

The light I once knew never shines

And it seems when we touch

That the feeling is gone

Say it isn't true

Tell me that I'm wrong


You once seemed so happy and sure

But now I can't tell anymore

And I can't stand the pain

After loving you so long

Say you haven't changed

Tell me that I'm wrong

I don't understand why the touch of your hand

Makes me feel like this

That look in your eyes

When you try to disguise how it really is

But I can feel it in my heart

And it's tearing me apart

I know I'm losing you

Tell me is it true?


Have you just stopped believing in me?

Is there somewhere that you'd rather be?

Or am I just being a fool

And your love for me is strong?

You've got to let me know

Tell me that I'm wrong

Tell Me That I'm Wrong Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved