We Live As We Learn

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever."

Mahatma Gandhi


Wise words. You must learn to enjoy your life and not let others spoil your dream. Be happy now. Don't wait for the future and expect something outside of yourself to bring you happiness. Time is precious and you only have a limited amount to spend. Don't waste it. Live and learn and savour every minute.




You found out who your real friends are

And just when you needed them

You never thought they would ever treat you like that

Like a sinking ship losing its rats

You carried them a bridge too far

But still you believed in them

Until it came round to you passing the hat

And all of them turning their backs

Don’t think you’re alone, you see

We all get our turn

We learn as we live

And we live as we learn


You wonder how you’ve been so blind

When now you see clearly

Some people just come to you to take what you’ve got

And their empty words don’t mean a lot

So if you are the trusting kind

It’s then you pay dearly

You gotta stand tall when you’re put on the spot

And fight when the going gets hot

We know when we play with fire

Our fingers get burned

We learn as we live

And we live as we learn

We Live As We Learn (c) 2012 musicalpearls All Rights Reserved