Dance To Their Rhythm


"Trends in music are now transmitted laterally and collaboratively via the internet. You once had a series of gatekeepers in the adoption of a trend: the innovator, the early adopter, the late adopter, the early mainstream, the late mainstream, and finally the conservative. But now it goes straight from the innovator to the mainstream blah, blah, f**king blah..." The Independent


STOP! Don't the music press people talk a load of bollocks? Look, if you like it - listen to it. If you think it's good - it's good. It's your choice. Make up your own mind and don't listen to the hype. 

Always ask yourself "If I were to believe this rubbish, who benefits?" You'll find it's never you. It's always some talentless arsehole trying to con you out of your hard earned cash. It's called the music business and it's full of crap. Pop is to music what nursery rhymes are to literature. It obviously has it's place, but do you really want to be part of a heated discussion arguing whether 'Mary had a little lamb' is better than 'Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall'? Accept it for what it is and enjoy it, but don't take it seriously.

Dance To Their Rhythm Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved