Don't You Worry About Me

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Juice was originally formed way back in the 1960's and we were part of the early underground movement that later developed into psychedelic and progressive rock. Although the underground bands in those days claimed to be autonomous and individualistic, they all eventually sold out to the large record companies. But Juice refused to be exploited or conform to the rules and chose to remain independent. We had a great affinity with our audiences and managed to build up a huge cult following, but being outsiders, we obviously never had any mainstream success. In those days it was impossible to go against the established corporate music business that had overwhelming control over the industry.


But how times change. The internet has turned the music industry upside down. Record companies and management agencies have finally lost their stranglehold. Bands can now operate independently without the fear of being blacklisted. Juice are taking advantage of this. We have a huge selection of old and new material that spans over four decades and are currently in the process of putting albums together. I will be soon be featuring some of our latest work.


Don't You Worry About Me is a track from our Live and Kicking album. It was recorded live in 1970 at the Fillmore North (Sunderland Mecca). This was a concert organised by the legendary promoter Geoff Docherty who arranged major events in North East England for all the important bands of the day. Watch this space - Juice are back.





So you tell me it's over now

It's all over and done

Can't believe you could smile like that

Like a game that you've won

But it's time you were moving on

If I'm not what you want

Just turn around and walk out the door

And you're free

Don't you worry about me


And you find it so easy

You just turn out the light

I'll be gone from your memory

Like a dream in the night

But the there's no point in holding on

When the feeling is gone

If you're looking for something

That I'll never be

Don't you worry about me

Don't You Worry About Me Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved