Good To Me

You can't say they're not enterprising, but start up business Behind Closed Doors is raising a few eyebrows in local communities here in the North East. Their activities have also attracted the attention of the police authorities, but the company aren't actually doing anything wrong. The ladies from this new 'escort' agency make visits to their customers' homes and offer the kind of services you won't get from your normal home help visitor. The girls are over 18, work independently, in private and of their own free will, so no one is breaking the law. You might be surprised to know that under such circumstances, prostitution is not illegal in the UK. 

These workers pay their insurance contributions and taxes on their income just like every other self-employed person. You may question the morality of the work these women do, but it is very well paid and if they have no other skills and need to earn a living, they obviously find it preferable to doing demeaning, menial work like cleaning public toilets for the statutory minimum wage 


I'm no fool

I know fine well what you come here for

I'm no handsome lover boy

I'm no movie star

I don't care if you like me or not

I don't care how many lovers you got

Don't mind  'long as you appear

And you come 'round here

And you're good to me

Good as you can be

I'm no fool

I know the thought of me isn't your desire

The gentle touch of my hand

Doesn't set you on fire

But I don't care if you can't give me love

That's the last thing I'm thinking of

Don't mind, just you appear

And come 'round here

And be good to me

Good as you can be

I'm no fool

I know what I got is what you need

Money never grew on trees

And you got mouths to feed

I don't care about your troubles at home

I got enough worries of my own

And I don't need any more

Just come 'round my door

And be good to me

Good as you can be

Good To Me Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved