Big Jim Gibson and his band are a group of musicians who are resident at the Shack. Their workload is incredible. The place never seems to close. People travel far and wide to be there and the music and dancing goes on all day and night.


Gibba's extended family take it in shifts to entertain their audience with a huge repertoire of music that defies belief. From country classics to avant garde rock. There are also many guest artistes who drop by and perform just to be part of this amazing experience. 

I met Big Gibba when I was accompanying Arlenderre on one of his tours. We came across the Shack by complete accident. We'd somehow got ourselves lost and stopped to get our bearings when we heard music playing. Thinking we could find someone to ask directions, we just followed the sound. It got louder and louder until we eventually reached what looked like an abandoned old mining works. The music was coming from one of the buildings and there were cars, trucks and buses parked all around. It was quite surreal. Here in the middle of nowhere was this bar packed with people and there was a band on stage playing some great country music. We thought we'd walked onto a film set.

Did I do things right?

No, you did it all wrong

Did I make good time?

No, you stayed too long

Was my touch too light?

No, you came on strong

Come sun up tomorrow

And you'd better be gone

Should I try again?

There's no second chance

Could I make amends?

It's a failed romance

Could we still be friends?

Better show your hand

Put it down providence

And circumstance


I must be crazy

Now I'm talking to myself

But that's not doing me any good 

I think that maybe

She just needed something else

I tried to do the best I could

Circumstance Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved