Spinal Claudication

Spinal Claudication is an original piece of music that I wrote for jazz/rock band Skeleton. The band are based in Sunderland and are all orthopedic doctors specialising in bone and joint injuries, hence the name of the band. However, they are also extremely competent musicians and have their own very unique style. They mainly perform at charity events to raise money for good causes across North East England.


The images in the video were taken from a 1929 Walt Disney cartoon entitled - A Silly Symphony "The Skeleton Dance". These early cartoons really show off Walt's genius in perfecting animated film techniques. They were very experimental and all hand drawn. They really set the standard for other film animation studios at the time and all way before computer graphics and digital technology came along.


Note: I know the original cartoon soundtrack by Carl W. Stalling is a work of genius. The music in this video wasn't written with the cartoon in mind, I simply used this clip because it's a fun piece and seemed a fitting choice for Skeleton and Spinal Claudication.


Piano Tutorial

If you're interested in learning to play this piece, check out this piano tutorial. The sheet music is also available below.

Spinal Claudication Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved