Almost There

Recorded in a disused factory outlet on a run down industrial estate in Northern England. The performance was eventually abandoned when the police arrived and stopped the show and almost caused a riot attempting to disperse the crowd of about 2000 fans. We were arrested for disturbing the peace, breaking and entering and endangering public safety. We spent the night in police custody, but were later released without charge when it was revealed that we'd actually raised a substantial sum of money for a local charity.

Almost there and nowhere near at all

Thinking it better I jump than I fall

Standing with my back against the wall

Not giving in to anyone

Not being made to crawl


Never realising what I'd done

Never saw two of us then, only one

Not knowing what I had till it was gone

Not caring much about anything

Only a place to run

Then I had a guiding light

Now it doesn't shine so bright

I lie awake alone at night

Knowing  I was wrong

Missing you so much, you see

Though I have no right to be

Wishing you were here with me

Here where you belong 


Almost there and still just out of touch

How could I give so little

And take so much?

Letting down the only one I trust

Had to be the heart of everything

Had to be me, not us


Almost There Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved