Something Strange

"Suddenly I’ve come to my senses and see what a fool I’ve been. I’ve hurt you and let you down. How could I break your heart like that? I want to try to make it up you, if you’ll only have me back."



Something strange

Is happening tonight 

Just closed my eyes

And then I saw the light 

Did I let you down? 

Never being around? 

I wanna come on home to you 

If you want me to 


I can't believe

I broke your heart like that 

Going out to find what I already had 

Did I make you cry? 

Telling you goodbye? 

I wanna make it up to you 

If you’ll only have me back 

I just can't wait

Till you're here again 

And I'm holding you 

But it won't be real

Till you're in my arms

Something Strange Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Rights Reserved