Trick Of The Light

When you turn on the light, where does the darkness go?

Something's going on

There's a chill about the place

Something's going wrong

What's that strange look upon your face?

People come and go

Like shadows in the night

You tell me it's not so

Just a trick of the light

Smoke hangs in the air

Someone whispering my name

Fire everywhere

I see faces in the flame

My blood is running cool

And I'm not feeling right

You tell me I 'm a fool

Just a trick of the light

You touch me and you start

A sensation in my heart

That I don't wanna feel

Setting me on fireĀ 

With a fever and desire

That I can't fight

Got me hypnotised

Cos there's something in your eyes

When you look at me

Then you turn away

And I wonder was it just

A trick of the light

Trick Of The Light (c) Steve NielsonĀ All Rights Reserved