Golden Days Of Ours

There have been many great achievers who have found fame and fortune. They become household names and we seldom think that these people once led quite ordinary lives. What happened to those who knew and loved them before they stepped onto the world stage and became famous? How do those left behind cope with the rejection? How do you continue with your life when someone who once played such an important part in it no longer needs you? Do they ever think about you? Do they ever miss you? Probably not. Why should they? What have you to offer? They're up there in the clouds and you're down on the ground.

It's strange how much it hurts to lose something you never really had and a huge part of your life is gone in a second


The golden days of ours have passed us over

There was nothing, now you've got it made

They say you had to do a lot of favours

Oh, I bet you did


Now you're living where the weather suits you

Making all of everything you've got

They say there's nothing that you couldn't buy now

Oh, I bet there's not


You don't know the things that I hear about you

Now don't suppose I think that they're all true

I know how these rumours and stories get around

But I miss the time that you spent with me

And I wish that life was like it used to be

But you're up there in the clouds

And I'm on the ground


Did you think that it would come so easy?

Did you know they'd make demands of you?

Don't you ever want to turn the clock back?

Oh, I know I do


Don’t you realise how much I miss you?

You must have known that it would break my heart

Don't you care now that the situation

Is tearing me apart?


Oh, I know you did what you had to do

Don’t get me wrong I’m so proud of you

I always thought you deserved something better somehow

I just can't believe how much things have changed

It was all so good and now it's all so strange

When you're up there in the clouds

And I'm on the ground

Now I wonder if it really happened

I can’t tell if things are what they seem

Did I really hear you say you love me

Or was it just a dream?


But you were real when you were here beside me

You must have been to make me feel like this

Now it isn’t real it’s just a memory

Yes, that’s all it is


When I see your face on the TV screen

Or I read about you in some magazine

It always makes me sad, always gets me down

I’ve got to realise that we’re all through

You’re not coming back, there’s nothing here for you

You’re up there in the clouds

 And I’m on the ground



Golden Days Of Ours (c) 2012 musicalpearls All Rights Reserved