Run For Your Life

The Joicey Project

Joicey started out as an underground British rock band and have since progressed beyond all recognition to become a whole new alternative lifestyle. The original band came from Stockton on Tees but moved to London where they occupied a disused warehouse building. Over the years, their numbers and stature have steadily grown. They have bought and developed a large area of real estate to the extent that they are now a small 'city within a city'. There are now several thousand families involved in the movement which has become a thriving community. In contrast to the rest of London, 'Joicey City' house prices are extremely affordable. The streets are clean and safe. There is no crime or unemployment or the deprivation that plagues all other boroughs. 

London is now a cesspool and this small community is an oasis that is rapidly expanding as more people are buying into the Joicey philosophy. The movement has become a total embarrassment to government officials by managing to achieve in a few years what successive administrations with all their resources have failed to do for many decades.


Joicey have recently expanded and brought their project to Newcastle upon Tyne and have plans to extend to other major cities across the UK.

Down in the sewer there's a new game 

Selling tears just to cloud up your eyes 

Then they stab you in the back 

When you're sleeping 

Down in the gutter there's a new way 

You can't tell the truth from the lies 

And they steal all the secrets your keeping 


Better run for your life 

You're in danger 

You taught your children too well 

Now they're taking sweets from a stranger 

In this hell 

Up on a cloud they put an angel 

With a smile that could turn you to stone 

Yet they're down on their knees and they're praying 

Hiding in the shadows is the jackal 

He's waiting to get you alone 

Then he's in for the kill and the slayiing 


Better run for your life 

No use fighting 

He's prepared for the battle too well 

And he'll cut you faster than lightning 

In this hell 


Down in the ground are the memories 

But they may as well have never been born 

For they lived and they died all for nothing 

Out on a limb are the dreamers 

But the chances they hoped for are gone 

And hate is the new way of loving 


Better run for your life 

Can't you see it? 

We all know the answer too well 

But some just don't want to believe it 

In this hell

Run For Your Life Copyright (c) Steve Nielson

All Rights Reserved