Trust Me One More Time


Joey Blake was my cousin, although I hardly knew him. His family emigrated when he was a young child and we had no more contact. He was brought up a world away from the bleak industrial North East of England that I grew up in. Still he also knew some hard times.


As a teenager, he was a bit wild and reckless, but he wasn't a bad kid. He was just young and full of life and liked having a good time. Yes, he'd been in trouble and broken the law a few times. Disturbing the peace, drink driving and that sort of stuff, but nothing really serious.


Vanya had been his long suffering girlfriend since they were at high school and much against her parents advice, kept putting up with his wild behaviour. That was until the final time when he had a fling with her best friend. She made her mind up not to see him anymore. 


Joey drifted for a while and found himself one night in a bar in Porterville where he got into a fight with a local man. The man drew a gun but Joey made a grab at him and in the struggle, the man was shot and killed. Unfortunately, that's not the story the witnesses gave when the police arrived. Joey was arrested for murder. But then he escaped police custody and went on the run. That made things look even worse.


He hid out in a deserted shack near Stockley Ridge, a small mountain town in Yellow County. He'd managed to make a call to Vanya explaining everything and asking her to come up and meet him. Vanya didn't hesitate and quickly made plans to travel there. However, the police were keeping a watch on Vanya and when she left on her journey, they were following close behind. On the appointed day, Joey was waiting out on Rainbow Bridge. He was really excited when he saw Vanya approaching, but then he saw the police stalking behind her. Maybe he thought Vanya had betrayed him. Maybe it was just a desperate attempt to escape. But Joey jumped from the bridge and was killed on the rocks below.


After the tragedy, Vanya was absolutely distraught. She blamed herself for what happened to Joey and it took a long time for her to come to terms with events, although she never really got over it. Finally, after some years, she was able to move on and get on with her life. She eventually met and married someone else and went on to raise a family. But she never forgot Joey. Every year on the anniversary of his death, she revisits the scene, says a prayer and throws a bouquet of flowers from the bridge. 

You will forget what someone said or did


But you will never forget how they made you feel

On Friday, take the riverboat 

Down to Lander's Creek 

Stay out there a little while 

Better stay the week 

Then catch the train for Aulandaire 

Change at Stockley Ridge 

When you arrive, I'll be there 

Waiting out on the bridge 

Oh. I know I'm asking such a lot from you 

But you gotta trust me 

If you still love me 


You see I killed a man in Porterville 

Though it was self defense 

But the law says I've gotta stand for trial 

I wouldn't stand a chance 

Cos the folks down there, they never took to me 

I had to turn and run 

They'd hang me as soon as look at me 

What else could I have done? 

Oh, I know you think that I'm just using you again 

But you gotta see me 

You gotta believe me 

I know the way I've treated you is a crime 

But I'm asking you to trust me one more time 

Oh, I know you think that I'm just using you again

But you gotta tell me

You gotta help me

I know the way I've treated you is a crime 

But I'm asking you to trust me one more time 


I need someone to run with me 

I need someone like you 

I need you here to comfort me 

And tell me what to do 

My life is hanging on a shoestring 

Please don't let me down 

I've never needed anything 

The way I need you now 

Oh, I know you think that I'm doing this all wrong 

But you gotta see me

You gotta believe me

I know the way I've treated you is a crime 

But I'm asking you to trust me one more time


Trust Me One More Time Copyright (c) Steve Nielson All Right Reserved