Oh, What A Life It Is

A collaboration with North East songwriter Lee Turner


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Iggy left his home town of Stockton-On-Tees in 1989 when the shipyards and steelworks were going through big changes and jobs were scarce. He set off for the bright lights of Minehead which was home to a magical place called Butlins. This was where many families took their annual holidays to get away from their everyday lives. To all those that worked there it was an amazing and surreal place. His journey was an unforgettable experience that would stay with Iggy for the rest of his life. Although he eventually moved back to the North East and settled down in Sunderland, he still reminisces about those great times and has fond memories of all the laid back and mellow people he met on his travels. Real people from all walks of life who had time for each other and didn't live in today's fantasy world of the internet and so called 'reality' television.


Oh, what a life it is

Just sitting back to reminisce

Don't care to move

Just feeling smooth and mellow


The whole world's got their TV on

Just staring's what they depend upon

Not caring what's really going on

In the shadows


And I don't mind telling you

It scares me now and then

Just what is it all leading to?

And where's it gonna end?


Oh, what a life it is

I gotta laugh, I can't resist

Away from harm

And feeling calm and mellow

The whole world's living in disguise

Cos they just want to fantasize

They've got their dreams

And made up lives to follow


And I can't help wondering

Where reality has gone

And what's gonna happen

When the TV won't turn on


Oh, what a life it is

I couldn't get too much of this

I feel laid back

And I'm relaxed and mellow

Oh, What A Life It Is Copyright (c) Steve Nielson/Lee Turner All Rights Reserved