Devil Takes Control

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental health condition that causes a range of psychological symptoms, including hallucinations, delusions, confusion and changes in behaviour. Sufferers are often unable to distinguish their own thoughts and ideas from reality. People mistakenly equate schizophrenia with violent behaviour, but those with the illness are rarely dangerous. The condition is generally treated with a combination of medication and therapy appropriate to each individual. In most cases, this will be anti-psychotic medicines and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Many people recover from schizophrenia, although they may have periods when symptoms return. Most sufferers find it comforting to talk to others with a similar condition and there are many charities and support groups offering help and advice on living with schizophrenia. 

Devil Takes Control is another collaboration with the talented North East songwriter Lee Turner. 

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Sometimes you have to confront your demons

And sometimes even let them loose

To find a place where you can gain some genuine understanding

Coping With Schizophrenia

The love and support of family plays an important role in the treatment of schizophrenia. If someone close to you has the illness, you can make a huge difference by helping that person find the right medical care, cope with symptoms and navigate the long road to recovery. Dealing with a family member's schizophrenia can be tough and you also need to take care of yourself, so shouldn't try to do it alone. You too need help, encouragement, and understanding. You can draw on others, and take advantage of services in your community. When you feel supported and cared for, you, in turn, will be better able to support and care for your loved one.

Devil Takes Control Copyright (c) Steve Nielson/Lee Turner All Rights Reserved