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Don't You Worry About Me

Recorded in April 1970 at the Fillmore North (Sunderland Locarno) with the brilliant Edgar Broughton Band. They had just released their second album Sing Brother Sing and the live recording of their 'anthem' Out Demons Out was surprisingly having moderate mainstream chart success. Surprising because nobody really gave a toss about the so called top twenty in those days and with Edgar's wildman image and gritty vocal style, he wasn't exactly your typical 'teenage pop idol'.


There were many bands at the time who had a huge cult following but would never have a hit single or appear on something as demeaning as Top of the Pops. Rock music used to be labelled as 'progressive' and 'underground' back then and most of the bands had their roots in the blues and good old rock and roll.


Don't You Worry About Me was quite an innovative blues number for the time. It doesn't follow the traditional I-IV-V chord progression and it's also in a minor key. It's difficult to put it into perspective, but consider this song was written by Steve in 1965 when he was still only fifteen years old.

Don't You Worry About Me

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