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Mean Hearted Woman

Recorded in June 1970 at the Fillmore North (Sunderland Top Rank Suite) with guests Free, Kevin Ayers and Yellow. This was the first time we'd worked with Free and it was really exciting for us since we were already huge fans of theirs. They'd just released their classic single All Right Now and they went on to become a huge world wide success.


Kevin Ayers was also another hero of ours from his earlier days as a leading light in the 'psychedelic movement' of the late 1960's with the legendary Soft Machine. After a short solo career, he then formed the Whole World an avant garde group of musicians that featured Mike Oldfield on bass guitar.


Like us, Yellow were a local band from the North East of England. We had great respect for the lads in Yellow. We thought they were a fantastic band and felt that they were destined for the 'big time'.


Mean Hearted Woman is a very early Juice song, but we think it still sounds amazingly fresh. It's hard to imagine that all these songs are over 40 years old. Even harder to imagine that back then we were young 20 year olds trying to make a name for ourselves in the music business, never dreaming that we'd be looking back all these years later, continuing the tradition and still enjoying now what we were doing then.

Mean Hearted Woman

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