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Jumble Of Pearls

From an acoustic set recorded in December 1970 at Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom with Lindisfarne. This was just following the release of their debut album Nicely Out Of Tune so the lads we're definitely on the way up but hadn't yet had the commercial success that Meet Me On The Corner and Fog On The Tyne would bring the following year. Being local to the North East, we'd seen the guys in their previous bands (Downtown Faction, Brethren) and seen Alan Hull performing in local folk clubs. It was obvious even then that they were something special and their songwriting was second to none. They have left a huge legacy of music and have rightly earned their place in 'Geordie' folklore.


In contrast, our song Jumble Of Pearls will appear a bit surreal, but anyone who knew us at the time will understand the story in the lyrics. It would take far too long to explain here, but although we sing about dreams, devils and white elephants, it wasn't drug induced. Honestly.

Mayfair Ballroom

The story of the Mayfair Ballroom has become a real legend in the rock history of Newcastle. The Mayfair opened in 1961 and spanned four decades as the country's longest running rock venue. Just about every major band appeared there at some point in their careers and it's a venue that Juice played many times. Sadly, after much protest from fans, the Mayfair was demolished in the 1990's to make way for a new, modern leisure complex. How times change.

Jumble Of Pearls

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