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You Got The Blues

Recorded in March 1969 at Dunelm House, University of Durham when we supported Pink Floyd on their Brain Damage tour. This is probably the earliest recording ever made of Juice. We hadn't been together long and this was a big night for us as we felt we were moving up a notch by appearing alongside such an important band. We had been fans from the Arnold Lane and See Emily Play days when Syd Barrett was a prominent Pink Floyd member. 


I must admit we found that evening's performance a bit weird. Dropping raw eggs into a bucket wasn't exactly what we called music. But this was the 'psychedelic era' and all sorts of new musical experimentation was happening. Pioneers like Pink Floyd have gone on to achieve superstar status and had a huge influence on the music of future generations.


You Got The Blues is another very early Juice 'blues inflenced' number, but again breaking away from the traditional I-IV-V chord progression. It's the sort of 'heavy acoustic' sound we loved in those days - and still do. It's a very simple drum/bass line but those triplet/dotted-eighths have a primitive feel that's really infectious..


Dunelm House

This angular concrete building was completed in 1965 under the supervision of architect Sir Ove Arup, whose adjacent Kingsgate Bridge opened two years earlier. Built into the steeply sloping banks of the River Wear, Dunelm House is notable internally for the fact that the main staircase linking all five levels of the building runs in an entirely straight line. This was intended by the building's architects to create the feeling of an interior street. It is owned by Durham University who now have plans to demolish it. There is currently a petition in place to save the building and have it repaired and refurbished. 

You Got The Blues

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